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Performance of Inter-process Communications in Node.js
Alexandr ShuvaevNovember 16, 2016 10:00 PM
In this post results of performance tests of different flavors of inter-process communication in NodeJS are presented. In particular, the following options are tested: Redis Pub/Sub vs ChildProcess.send vs tcp sockets vs unix sockets
Universal Javascript with JSPM
Oleksii RudenkoOctober 30, 2016 3:23 PM
This is a short tutorial on how to implement something similar to what next.js does using JSPM ( with server-side rendering and automatic code splitting). Inspired by next.js
Working with PostgreSQL's timestamp without timezone in Node
Oleksii RudenkoJune 1, 2016 8:55 PM
In the post you will learn how to use timestamp fields without a timezone in PostgreSQL and Node and how to avoid issues with timezones
ES6 Slides
Oleksii RudenkoFebruary 5, 2016 9:16 PM
Slides presenting major ES6 features and probable ES7 features. Also highlights what features are supported in node 4.2.*, the current LTS release
Executing JS Code in a Sandbox with Node's VM Module
Oleksii RudenkoJanuary 11, 2016 7:25 PM
Executing JS code with Node's VM module: basic usage, performance and safety issues.
Generating Coupon/Voucher Codes in NodeJS
Oleksii RudenkoNovember 9, 2015 9:00 PM
simple tutorial on using a nodejs library for coupon code generation called coupon-code
Best Practices for Using Promises in JS
Oleksii RudenkoOctober 21, 2015 10:29 PM
A list of 6 things that I consider as best practices when it comes to working with Promises
Rapid Server Development with Koa.js, Redis, PM2 and ES6 generators
Oleksii RudenkoJuly 10, 2015 10:15 PM
Tips by 60devs is a micro-donations platform that allows sending money (aka tips) to people who helped you on the Web. In this blog post I explain how we built a nodejs server for it using Koa.js, Redis, PM2 and ES6 generators
Simple Way to Manage Local Node Modules Using NPM Link
Oleksii RudenkoApril 12, 2015 2:00 PM
If you develop a modular application for Node.js, you may end up having lots of local node modules which you don't want to publish yet. Nevertheless, you need to use them pretty much like any of the published node modules in order to ease the subsequent publishing