By Oleksii Rudenko July 5, 2015 9:03 PM
Tips by 60devs: New Social Payments Platform

Tips by 60 devs is a new social payments platform providing an opportunity to thank developers (and/or others), who helped you out on Stack Overflow, Github or Gitter by sending them money gratuities (tips).

We believe that helping people to solve software problems online is a hard job that requires a lot of time and, therefore, it should be rewarded (voluntarily). Thus in our spare time we created Tips.

The platform consists of a web site where you can sign in using your Github or Stackoverflow accounts and of browser extension that is needed for discovery of already registered users. Currently we have only an extension for Google Chrome and it supports, and Once you have picked a user you want to thank, you will be able to send him a small amount of money in a couple of clicks.

So how does it work in details?

  1. Sign in here via Github or Stackoverflow.
  2. After signing in with either Github or Stackoverflow you will see your profile page. Make sure you connect the other account (if you have it) on this page.
  3. Specify an email address that will be used for sending PayPal payments to you and choose currency.
  4. Now you are ready to accept tips. But we recommend you to install our extension to see whom you can send tips to as well.
  5. Once installed please tell others about us (using the share buttons on your profile page) if you like the idea of the service.

So what’s next?

Once you installed the extension you will be able to see whom you can send tips to: tips-example

Just use this link to reward the incredible work of others and to help them continue.

Please send any feedback or suggestions to us! Thanks for reading.